Find Hotel Group Rates In Any City

Booking 10 or more hotel rooms, at a group rate, can be a complicated task, usually involving a lot of phone tag, and confusing pricing formats.  Many people soon become weary of the task and agree to a rate or a hotel they are not 100% satisfied with.

VenueQuest makes booking hotel group rates easy.  Just submit one group hotel booking request to VenueQuest and quickly find yourself with numerous excellent options.

The benefits of booking your group room block with VenueQuest are:

  • We Never Limit Your Selection – Some of our competitors will only give you a selection of 4 hotels to choose from
  • Expert Negotiation – VenueQuest negotiators are former hotel sales managers,  and work for you to get the best possible group hotel rates
  • Unlimited Choices – VenueQuest can book your group at literally ANY hotel in the United States, Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean
  • You Keep The Points – You are still the customer of the hotel you choose, and you earn the valuable bonus loyalty points

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