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VenueQuest Hotel Meeting Space Site Selection – What Is It?

Hotel Site Selection – What Is It?

The hotel industry does not offer an easy way to research the availability of group hotel rooms or meeting space.  Therefore, most customers are forced to make numerous phone calls, or email inquiries to hotel group salesoverwhelmed lady managers, and explain their meeting room requirements over and over.  

VenueQuest offers a better solution.  We can search every hotel in a city to find the best available meeting space, and report back to you with an easy to read, side-by-side comparison of all properties.  

  • There is NEVER A FEE when you book 10 hotel rooms or more per night
  • Room rates will not be higher than you would find on your own
  • We show you all available meeting space based on your specifications
  • You keep all bonus points, loyalty points, rebates, incentives or special offers provided by the hotel

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