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Do’s and Don’ts of Booking Hotels With VenueQuest

The most comDos and Donts of booking hotels with VenueQuestmon misconception we face at VenueQuest, is customers who think our third party hotel booking services are only for large meetings.  The truth is, most company meetings are small meetings, and never see more than 35 people in attendance.  While we certainly enjoy when a company meeting is big enough to fill an entire hotel, it is the customers who regularly need to find hotels for small meetings who are the bread and butter that keep our lights on and our team working.

But this is only the most common misconception which we hear about.  During a recent convention, an informal poll of potential customers revealed a few more reasons why some would-be customers thought it would be best to book group hotel rooms and off site meetings on their own.  This infographic is your quick guide to understanding where we all stand when working together.


Haircuts with Hall of Famers

Two weeks ago, legendary Atlanta Braves pitcher, John Smoltz, was inducted into the baseball hall of fame.  My son, an avid youth baseball player has an autographed picture of Smoltz in his bedroom, but he could care less about the hall of fame.  My sons interest in the famous pitcher stems from the barber shop.  We live in suburban Atlanta, and about two years ago, my son learned from his barber that John Smoltz comes into the very same shop every two or three weeks to get his hair trimmed.  Since then, I have never had a problem convincing my little guy to get a haircut because he thinks there is always a chance he could be in the chair next to Smoltzie.
2015-08-06 15.11.02

My son, posing with his autographed John Smoltz photo and baseball card.

John Smoltz is best known for being part of a trio of high performing pitchers on the Braves roster, which also included Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux.  Each pitcher had his particular strengths and by working together, and utilizing each of those strengths, they led the Atlanta Braves to an unprecedented 14 consecutive Division Titles, and a World Series Championship.

Now, I don’t think there is a hall of fame for travel consultants, but I do know that the Administrative Professionals, Association Executives, and Corporate Managers who make up our clientele are appreciative, and they find our services useful.  Just like the Braves had a team of pitching specialists for different parts of each game, we form a team with our client so that they can focus on the internal agenda and objectives of their meeting, while we focus on negotiating the best hotel and transportation logistics.

If you book hotels for more than 10 rooms at a time, and you have not tried our completely free booking service, then you don’t know how easy it is.

  • One point of contact with a VQ Hotel Specialist
  • Ability to query ANY hotel in North America or Europe
  • Easy to read side-by-side hotel proposals
  • You are still the customer of the hotel you choose, and you keep any loyalty points or incentives