FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it cost to have VenueQuest find a hotel for my meeting?

There is no charge to you for our hotel site selection service. We search all hotels in any city to find you the best options for your meeting or group.

Can I book hotels in any city with VenueQuest?

Yes, we have experience booking hotels for meetings and incentives (MICE) all around the globe, from Albuquerque to Zurich.

Who will my company eventually pay for the services we use at our meeting?

In most cases, you will pay the hotel directly. In fact, once a hotel has been selected and a contract signed, you will correspond and plan directly with the hotel.

How much advance notice do you need to find a hotel for my group or meeting?

It depends on the size and scope of the event you are planning. For hotel site selection, we can get you results and rates within 24 hours, but we can provide better results if you can give us 2-3 business days.

If we don’t have to pay you, how does VenueQuest make any money?

It is a standard practice in the travel industry for hotels to pay a booking commission to professional meeting planning and group travel agencies. The benefit to the hotel industry is that their representatives do not need to spend as much time presenting the hotel, answering questions, negotiating terms, or following up with potential clients and in theory, they can pursue more bookings in the same amount of time by letting private agents do some of their work.

What size meeting or group can I book with VenueQuest?

We require a minimum of 10 rooms contracted per night to secure discounted group pricing. We can book fewer rooms per night, but they will be priced at standard retail rates.  There is no maximum size for a meeting.  Our average sized corporate meeting request is for 22 rooms, and for 2-3 nights.

It is my job to find a hotel for our annual meeting. Am I not doing my job if I enlist VenueQuest to assist me?

Quite the opposite!  You will be doing yourself, and your company, a favor by enlisting our help. First of all, our hotel site selection service will save you valuable research time so you may focus your efforts on the logistics of your meeting. Secondly, because of our reputation in the industry, and the volume of business we bring to hotels, it is very likely that we will find better rates, better upgrades, more concessions and negotiate better contract terms than you would on your own. Thirdly, we will ensure you receive any meeting planner points you are entitled to.

Won’t a hotel just raise their rates to compensate for paying a commission to a broker?

No. The hotel rates that VenueQuest receives are at least as competitive as those you might find on your own – with the commissions already built in.  Due to the volume of meetings we broker, hotels want to provide us with excellent and competitive rates.

Do you have preferred agreements or hotels you work with on an exclusive basis?

No. Some hotel site selection agencies have multiple agreements with hotels for special commission arrangements in return for a “Preferred Hotel” status. VenueQuest does not enter into such arrangements in order to maintain the unbiased nature of our recommendations. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with honest and objective proposals. VenueQuest represents you, not the hotel, and the selection process will be based upon your specific needs.

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