How can we become a preferred hotel?

VenueQuest does not maintain preferred relationships with hotel companies. We believe we owe our clients a fair, objective and bias free analysis of all hotels available to them.

How can our hotel sales managers receive more leads from VenueQuest?

As long as we are aware of your hotel, you will get leads from us.  We use industry leading e-RFP tools, so please make sure your hotel information is up to date in those directories.   We believe in presenting every possible option to our clients, provided it fits their needs and expectations. To achieve that goal, we reach out to every hotel we are aware of in a destination and send them an RFP. Read our tips on how to successfully complete our RFP.

Do you keep a database of hotels you do business with?

No, we use industry leading e-RFP tools, and source our leads to the hotels within the directories maintained by those sources.  We use more than one directory to ensure complete coverage of all inventory.  So, as long as your hotel information is accurate in the leading sourcing directories, we will be able to reach you.

May I send a sales kit for your files?

You may and we will keep it on file, but our preferred method of gathering information is via hotel Web sites.  Hotel web sites provide us with the most current information quickly and efficiently.

How will you notify our hotel sales managers when you have a lead for our specific location?

At VenueQuest, we prefer to distribute our RFPs through industry leading e-RFP tools.  This allows us to get the RFP to your lead distributor in the shortest amount of time possible.  If your property is part of a national chain, or independent hotel marketing service (such as ALHI or Preferred), we will also copy the NSO for that service.