Hotel Sales Referral Program

You can make extra money referring customers to VenueQuest.

VenueQuest pays a referral fee to hotel sales managers* equal to $5.00 for each contracted room night, for first time bookings.  We can make payment by check, gift card or through a donation to the charity of your preference.

Good referrals can be spotted in many ways:

  1. Think about your current clients who have booking needs in destinations other than yours.
  2. Clients who are not meeting professionals…Think about how many times you have talked to an Executive Assistant who is overwhelmed with tasks and yet still has to find hotels for her boss’s meeting.
  3. When calling on past clients, you may find someone who will be repeating their booking in a different city

You can still provide your client with a solution to their problem by referring them to VenueQuest Hotel Site Selection Services.

Simply give a brief explanation of what a meeting planning intermediary does and gain the Clients permission to pass along their name and preferred contact method.  Then send an email to, and give us a quick briefing of the referral. We don’t need the whole RFP at this stage because we will contact the Client to further qualify the booking.


*This offer is not intended to solicit current customers away from making direct bookings with the hotel which employs you.   This offer IS intended as a way for you to offer a solution to customers who have additional booking needs beyond your location, or in situations when your hotel cannot accommodate a customers requested number of rooms, date availability or meeting space needs.