Home For the Holidays

As you know, our business at VenueQuest is brokering the rental of hotel rooms for meetings, off-sites, teams and other groups.  So, it makes me glad to hear people are traveling, especially if my company booked their hotel rooms.  However, with Christmas and the holiday season upon us, my wish is that everyone gets to go home for the holidays.

All the tablets, smartphones, sparkly jewelry, must-have toys and new cars with huge bows on them pale in comparison to the joy of reuniting with the people you love the most.  A large part of VenueQuests business comes from coordinating housing for traveling members of the U.S. armed forces, and there is no other group of people who are more deserving of a little time off and a visit home than these dedicated men and women.

So if you are not quite feeling the warm and fuzzy of the holiday season yet, grab a tissue (or two) and watch this video.  You will be longing for your family within minutes.  Thank you for your business in 2013, and keep an eye out for my next newsletter which will carry the announcement of a really exciting new special offer.