Don’t Let This Happen To Your Meeting

Before I get to the funny stuff, I want to suggest the concept of meetings ROI, or return on investment.  Many meeting industry professionals have tried to formulate an accurate way to calculate the financial return of holding a face-to-face meeting and often they are disappointed by the results.  It’s not because they don’t try hard.  They do.  But there are so many benefits to getting the team together which are difficult to measure in a spreadsheet.

Perhaps the most important element is achieving effectiveness.  If you have ever attended a conference or an off-site meeting, you know what I am talking about.  There is an energy and a level of connection with other colleagues, members, associates, customers, vendors and even friends which cannot be captured on a conference call, a webinar, or even a gathering in the company conference room.  It’s the little interactions which build connections between humans and allow you to look forward to speaking on the phone with that vendor the next time there is a problem to resolve.  You aren’t just another problem on that person’s to-do list, you are a friend who needs help, and you will get better results for your team and your employer.

When we meet in person and spend time focused on a task, an idea, a problem or a decision, we tend to get results which matter.  While you are thinking about that positive experience at a conference or off-site where you put a face and a laugh to someone who was previously just an email address and a voice, take a few minutes to watch this funny video which perfectly simulates how ineffective some meeting alternatives can be.