New Shoes Rubbing You The Wrong Way…Try This

I was recently attending IMEX America, a huge annual trade show for meeting and conference planning professionals. My wardrobe was in need of new shoes, so I took the occasion of a big industry event to trot myself out to the mall and got a nice pair of lace-up, leather dress shoes. I wore the shoes for the first time, as I walked into the Las Vegas Convention Center. Three days later, after walking the equivalent distance of Forrest Gump’s coast, to coast, to coast run, I was ready to throw my new shoes into Caesar’s fountains. I wish I had learned this break-in trick before setting out to Las Vegas with my new shoes.

Here’s the trick…Put on your regular socks, and then pull on a pair of really thick and heavy socks over those. Next, wrestle your new shoes onto your feet and lace, buckle or zip them up. Now, grab your hair dryer, and spend a few minutes blowing hot air over the parts of the shoe that give you any discomfort. Get it nice and warm so the material stretches from the pressure of those thick socks. Lastly, turn the hair dryer off, but leave the shoes on. Walk around in them for awhile until they return to normal temperature, which is when you can take them off. The whole project should last about twenty minutes.

Now that you know how to get out of a tight squeeze with your shoes, let me tell you how to get out of a tight squeeze at work. The next time your team needs a hotel for an off-site meeting, or a block of group rate hotel rooms, instead of finding the time to call hotel after hotel, and explain your meeting space and hotel room block needs over and over, you can call VenueQuest once and we will do all that work.

You will receive an easy to read, and easy to share report (see a sample right here) which makes selecting your hotel easy.

VenueQuest provides a professionally managed, zero cost way to search hotels for meeting space, and group room block pricing.  
  • Our hotel search service is provided free to any customer with a minimum block of 10 hotel rooms, for at least one night  
  • Hotel search service is not limited by hotel brand or chain
  • Hotel proposals available within 24 hours