• Meetings on Cruise Ships

    If your group can fit on a cruise ship,
    there are many excellent reasons to go off shore.

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    Meetings on Cruise Ships
  • What if your best salesperson was interviewing with your toughest competitor?

    Scary thought.

    Discover how incentive travel can protect your best assets »

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  • “Linda, when you get a minute, could you find us a hotel in Denver for the district manager meeting next month?”

    Of course she can! Linda knows she only has to make ONE phone call to VenueQuest for FREE comprehensive booking for groups and meetings at hotels in any destination worldwide.

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    Linda the Overwhelmed Lady
  • How can Hotel Site Selection
    be FREE?

    This is our most frequently asked question
    …and there is a good explanation.

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    Hotel Site Selection

Corporate Retreat Planning


From 12 person department meetings, to company wide annuals, our venue selection services are an Office Managers best friend.

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Travel Planning for AssociationsAssociation

Associations with limited full time staff, or a conference chair who changes every year will find comfort in our consistency.

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Incentive TravelIncentive

Using travel as an incentive has been proven to grow sales, build loyalty and attract talent.  We can plan individual or group trips.

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Sports Team Travel PlanningSports

High School, Collegiate, Amateur or Pro.  We have the best discount hotel and charter bus connections for Athletic Directors and Coaches.

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Church, School Travel and Trip PlanningSpecialty

Need a small number of discount hotel rooms for your school, church, fan club, cheerleaders, reunion or Star Trek club.  We’ve got you covered!


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I am sorry to break the news to you, but you have been peeling bananas the wrong way, your entire life.  But don't worry, I am going to help you. There are videos floating around the internet which all feature chimpanzee's and other monkey species peeling bananas, and they do it differently than we do.  Now, I can imagine the objections, "But Dan, we also clean our hair differently than monkeys, … [Read More...]

Where Can I Put This Pan

At the end of April, I relocated to a new home. A much smaller home. My previous residence was a 5 bedroom suburban colonial with a basement, an attic, a wide driveway and enough storage and closet space to hide a small marching band. My new place has just enough storage space to hide a photo of a marching band. Ah, the sacrifices we make for love. As I have spent nights and weekends trying to … [Read More...]